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Image of Jacquetta Wheeler
Jacquetta Wheeler is an English model. Her father, Stuart Wheeler, worked as an entrepreneur, and mother Tessa was a photographer. As a child, Wheeler lived a comfortable, moderately affluent lifestyle with her family in England.[citation needed] At the age of fifteen, she was discovered by Italian fashion designer Stephan Jansen. Jansen asked Wheeler to go...
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Spotlight: Person of the Day

Image of Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer and an eponymous fashion label, one of the world's most prominent in women's shoes. Manolo Blahnik began his extraordinary career in the Seventies and continues to be a champion of timeless and beautifully crafted designs. His shoes are synonymous with high glamour and full-throttle sex appeal and have become a...
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    Image of Rochelier
    Born of cultured style and elegance, Rochelier has been creating beautifully crafted collections of small leather goods and accessories for men and women all over the world. Earning honors as a reputable supplier of high quality products and luxury items, Rochelier's success is measured by the highest standards of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of...
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      "I was 18, spending my holidays in a camp, complaining about not having pocket money. A friend of mine suggested that I could be a model. I found stupid the idea of sending pics of me to an agency, I had the fantasy of being 'discovered' like Claudia Schiffer, in a nightclub. But I sent them anyways, without telling neither my family nor my friends, thinking that 'if I become famous I'll invent a more glamorous story for the press...' and if I had been rejected, it would have saved my honour. An agency in Amsterdam immediately made me sign a contract. And I kept my somewhat cheesy story..."
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      "On Laguna the girls would fight with their boyfriends. Now we fight with our bosses. The drama on this show is real problems such as ‘Am I going to get fired?’"

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        She was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being "The model with the longest legs", measuring 48" (123 cm measured from hip to heel).
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        He was born in Polizzi Generosa, Sicily, Italy.

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